Do you need physical or brain rehabilitation?

RESTART is here to help you on your journey.

Welcome to RESTART. This site was created by rehabilitation nurses who understand the special needs of people who experience a major injury, chronic illness, or disability. Rehabilitation provides a total approach to treatment and long-term care for people on the road to recovery. We hope this site answers the questions you may have along the way.

Your Advocate

The rehabilitation nurse is your advocate when you need physical rehabilitation.

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The Right Decision

Learn more about what to consider before entering rehabilitation.

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Starting Rehabilitation

You will work with healthcare providers to identify your levels of function and work toward reaching your own goals. Rehabilitation can occur in many ways and places.

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Participating in Rehabilitation

Your time in a rehabilitation program may vary due to many factors. Learn about how to get the most benefit from your individual rehabilitation journey.

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If you are in an inpatient rehabilitation facility or a skilled nursing facility, you may be ready to go home or to a different type of healthcare setting. There are many things to consider and planning to be done before you make these transitions.

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Financial and Legal Concerns

Before you enter a rehabilitation program, during your stay, or when you go home there are a number of financial and legal matters you need to think about. These include whether insurance will cover all or part of your treatments, whether you have the ability to make all of your own legal decisions, and whether you might qualify for disability.

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